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Reverside is a B-BBEE Level 1 IT consulting & services organization with a unique value proposition consisting of a strong team of over 250+ consultants, serving more than 40+ active clients in South Africa. we at reverside, having experienced many diverse enterprise scenarios over the past 14 years, are equipped with the know-how to solve the complex riddle between the people, process and technology.

any initiative in isolation to address a specific dimension of this riddle may not yield the result of a strategic initiative. with reverside’s proprietary enterprise assessment methodologies, we can unpack the finer points that need to be addressed with the various business challenges. the results of the assessment may necessitate change that can be fundamental in nature. starting from service orientation of IT systems to change management and business process re-engineering, the recommendation for changes could positively impact all aspects of an enterprise.

reverside provides its clients with a reliable IT consulting services experience. we are committed to long- term partnerships with our clients. we have the ability to become a part of a big execution team and manage multi-year initiatives as we have done in the past. with a stress on cost engineering and quality for each solution reverside builds, the focus has always been on the customer. our commitment to superior customer service levels is dedicated to both consultants and clients, with the focus on quality. although driven to produce results, we always bear in mind that the people we deal with require professional fulfillment, which produces both satisfied clients and happy consultants.

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