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Practice makes perfect

Put three marbles in your mouth, take a sip of water and whistle “Mary had a little lamb”. That’s what dial-up Internet sounded like, back in the day, when your mouse had a cable, your monitor looked like your mom’s microwave, and Netscape Navigator was the go-to browser – and when getting online meant asking your cousin with the astrophysics degree to help you out.

Humble beginnings

Enter MWEB in 1997 and its amazing Big Black Box. In fact, it was quite a small black box, but it held the Power of the Internet on a CD-ROM (remember those?).

It was the quickest, simplest way to get online at the time. The closest, in fact, that anyone had got to plug-and-play Internet connectivity. And it defined the MWEB ethos from that day forwards.

Keeping things simple

Through the years, everything we’ve done has been geared around simplicity and ease. Like WiFi, which we launched in 2003, which meant getting rid of pesky cables and freeing you from your desk.

ADSL followed, along with 3G, bringing dazzling speeds and increased mobility. And then, ka-boom! – we launched Uncapped ADSL in 2010, making MWEB the first ISP to offer a flat rate for a broadband connection, no matter how data much you used.

And then came the next big thing – FON, which gave MWEB customers free access to the world’s largest WiFi network, including millions of WiFi hotspots here and abroad.

Moving forward

Today, MWEB provides Fibre, LTE, and ADSL connectivity to ever more customers, in their homes and at their small businesses.

All of which means that however you want to connect to the great big world out there, and wherever you are, we’ve got just the thing for you.

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