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Dedicated Cross Border Road Freight Trucking Services from South Africa into East Africa & Central Africa. Our customised solutions encompass the multifaceted fields of logistics and market access. Alongside our clients, we collaboratively design and deliver integrated solutions that provide an invaluable competitive edge. Together we play a critical role in the lives of our countries and communities by providing access to quality products and services.

The provision of road transport and logistics solutions between South Africa and neighbouring Southern African countries such as Namibia is greatly facilitated by services provided by the private sector. This is especially the case with specialised transport associated with mining operations in many of these countries. The success of large national and multinational mining companies in Southern Africa is heavily dependent on transport and logistics solutions for the provision of the consumables that keep the relevant mines running. Experienced road transport operators, especially those that deliver a high quality, skilled, niche service is infrequently encountered.

Hendrerit in We are confident and competent, making tough decisions that deliver maximum value. We leverage our experience, insight and talent to the full, determined to shape and change our world.

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