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    Intercare – vacancies /Careers

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Intercare is a healthcare group that operates Medical & Dental Centres,Urgent Care facilities, Day Hospitals, Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation Hospitals.

Intercare is committed to providing world-class healthcare services that are affordable and accessible. The company operates Medical & Dental Centres, Urgent Care, Day Hospitals, Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation Hospitals and Centres for Lifestyle Management.

Our Medical & Dental Centres are conveniently located, have extended operating hours during the week and are open over weekends and public holidays. Allied healthcare services such as x-rays, blood tests, physiotherapy, etc. are available within all our centres. Our Day Hospitals are widely used for surgical procedures that do not require an overnight stay whilst our Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation hospitals focus on services such as post-operative and neurological rehabilitation, recuperative and palliative care, and other specialized care services.

Intercare aims to build innovative healthcare solutions through the ongoing introduction of products and services into a network of world-class healthcare facilities. We strive to become the provider of choice in healthcare and are committed to consistent levels of excellence and professionalism in service delivery.

Why work at Intercare?
We are a dynamic company that has shown extraordinary industry growth and have exciting plans for the future. We offer permanent and locum positions and are continuously looking for suitably qualified and experienced individuals to join our company.

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