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The vision of the Gauteng Department of Education is to ensure that all learners in Gauteng do well at school and leave their institutions with the values, knowledge, skills and qualifications that will give them the best chance of success in their adult lives. The Department’s mission is to ensure that quality learning and teaching takes place in the classroom every day.

Its strategic goals are to ensure that Gauteng has effective schools and learning institutions; provide relevant, coordinated and effective support; enable young people to make the transition from school to further education and/or work that provides further training opportunities; and strengthen partnerships with all stakeholders, resulting in education becoming a priority in society.

Contact Details

Postal PO Box 7710, Johannesburg, 2000
Physical 17 Simmonds Street, Marshaltown, Johannesburg, 2000
Tel 011 355 0000
Web www.gauteng.gov.za/Departments

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