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Fusion Recruitment was incorporated in the year 2000 under the name Objective Outsourcing, by its members who have over 33 years of experience in the recruitment industry. We’ve built up a strong client and candidate base over the years and maintained trusted relationships through the personalised services which we offer.

Over 25 000 interviewed candidates in our database Our current consultants have over 80 years’ of combined recruitment experience.

Our services:

Needs analysis: We will obtain a comprehensive job brief, in order to establish the specific requirements for each position.

Candidate Sourcing: Database search: Our comprehensive database of interviewed candidates gives us access to a vast range of skilled candidates and the ability to quickly identify candidates, in many instances, without the need to advertise externally.

Advertising: We will assess if there is a need to advertise the position in order to source candidates which best match the job brief.

Search: We can approach candidates on behalf of the client, which the client may have identified as being a good fit for their organisation, or identify “like” organisations from which to identify potential candidates.

Stringent screening: CVs will be screened against the core competencies of the position to identify which candidates are most suitable. Candidates are interviewed thoroughly and reference checks done before we present a short list to the client. Criminal and qualification checks are done.

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Website http://www.fusionrecruitment.co.za

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