About Enaex


Enaex is a subsidiary of the Sigdo Koppers group. It has more than 100 years of experience and trajectory in the explosives market. Throughout its history, the company has established itself as the third largest producer of low density ammonium nitrate worldwide and as the most important provider of integral rock fragmentation services for the mining industry in Chile and Latin America.

Enaex owns the largest ammonium nitrate production complex in the world: the Prillex America complex with a capacity of 850 thousand tons per year. Given the needs and requirements of its customers, the Company has an extensive network of service plants located in the most important mining sites throughout the country.

In the rest of South America, it stands out the continuous growth in the markets of Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia providing rock fragmentation and blasting services, where it also has an extensive network of service plants located in the respective mining sites.

Enaex consolidated in Brazil in 2015 by acquiring the company Britanite, the largest Brazilian civil explosives manufacturing and commercialization company.

Enaex developed outside the region in June 2015, acquiring Davey Bickford, a global leader in the manufacture of electronic detonators and initiation systems, with headquarters in France and subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, Chile, the United States, Mexico and Peru.

In 2020, Sasol Explosives and Enaex started a joint-venture. Therefore, Sasol Explosives became Enaex Africa. In 2021,

Enaex strengthened its presence in Australia by acquiring Downer Blasting Services. With this, the company develops an international growth plan, aimed at expanding its global presence and enhancing its capabilities to deliver innovative solutions with state-of-the-art technologies.

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