Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements

Eastern Cape Department: Human Settlements

About Eastern Cape Department: Human Settlements


The mission of the Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements is to facilitate and coordinate the provision of quality, integrated and sustainable human settlements that offer its communities a better living environment.

The Department essentially has three strategic goals that encompass all its core functions and responsibilities, with the outcomes being to: provide a credible multi-year housing development plan and budget through a participation process with stakeholders; promote consultation in the housing policy and legislative framework development and review process; review and roll-out the provincial medium-term Sustainable Human Settlement Research Agenda; provide outcomes-based monitoring and evaluation of integrated plans; facilitate and coordinate the eradication of informal settlements in the province; facilitate and promote the integration of communities utilising social and rental housing; provide planning, project management, technical and quality assurance expertise to sustainable human settlement projects; acquire land and facilitate the issuing of title deeds to promote homeownership; provide political and strategic leadership and management leadership to the Department; provide assurance and consulting activities on internal controls, risk management and governance processes, and fight fraud and corruption; effectively manage financial resources to achieve an unqualified audit opinion; provide streamlined procurement processes and effective contracts management; and enhance the organisational performance through a well-aligned organisational transformation programme, capacitated employees and sustainable ICT solutions.

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