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The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is a world-class African research and development organisation established through an Act of Parliament in 1945. The CSIR undertakes directed, multidisciplinary research and technological innovation that contributes to the improved quality of life of South Africans. The organisation plays a key role in supporting government’s programmes through directed research that is aligned with the country’s priorities, the organisation’s mandate and its science, engineering and technology competences.

The CSIR’s strategic objectives are to: conduct high-quality and relevant research and technological innovation to foster industrial and scientific development; build and transform human capital – the organisation’s scientific and technical contributions are only possible through the skills and capabilities of its scientific staff, its Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) base; maintain a sustainable and well-governed organisation; supporting national imperatives through high quality and relevant research – addressing key issues such as creating a vibrant economy and employment opportunities, building a capable state that is able to consistently deliver high quality services for all South Africans, and contributing to the development of economic and social infrastructure like transport, energy, water resources and ICT networks; improve its research focus and ensure that it achieves maximum impact in industry and society – by focussing on the built environment, defence and security, energy, health, industry and the natural environment, and by drawing on a rich, multidisciplinary science base and proficiency in enabling technologies such as nanotechnology, materials science, synthetic biology, photonics and information, and communications technology; provide world-class infrastructure and highly skilled staff – state-of-the-art research infrastructure enables the translation of CSIR research into solid scientific output such as technology demonstrators and intellectual property, two-thirds of staff consisting of scientists, engineers and technologists, and investments in a myriad of training interventions to foster young talent and further develop expertise.

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