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​​​​​Reactive organisations stumble when technology reshapes the landscape around them. At Britehouse, we aim to be the first to know what the future holds as the world transforms, we anticipate and prepare for tectonic shifts long before the first rumble is felt.

We’re an African-born company with a global footprint, offering leading customised and pre-packaged digital solutions to local and multinational companies. We partner with the best technology providers including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, and complement them with our own mobile and software products to ensure our customers get exactly what they need. Our highly skilled staff take pride in their ability to implement solutions quickly and to an exceptionally high standard. And as a division of Dimension Data, we’re able to leverage a wealth of world-class expertise.

It’s no longer enough to tick the digital transformation box with cosmetic changes. True digital transformation means putting digital at an organisation’s core with systems and processes at every level speaking the same digital language. It’s about applying cutting-edge technology solutions to traditional problems by bringing legacy applications up to date, and we’re focused on helping our clients navigate that process.

Successfully meeting these challenges brings businesses closer to their customers and helps them do what they do best – but do it better, with more efficiency and greater scale. It creates superhuman businesses that are better than ever at putting people first.

Data is the new currency and its applications are taking industries in novel and unexplored directions. Where one organisation suffers a failure of imagination, another sees a ripe opportunity. We help businesses ​unlock their potential with mobile-friendly solutions delivered through customised, pre-packaged, on-premise, hosted or cloud platforms with ongoing support and managed services.

We’re on this digital journey too and we’re transforming ourselves in the same way. It’s essential to be on the right footing with the right technology, for every industry. It’s an exciting time to be in business.​​​

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