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Blue Label Telecoms is a progressive leader in the market of distributing virtual, secure prepaid,electronic tokens of value. We’re continually innovating transactional services that reach both the formal and informal or unbanked markets to provide convenience and value to all our stakeholders. Our business is customer centric and dedicated, in particular, to driving financial inclusion for the unbanked and underserved.

The key to our success is the seamless reconciliation of billions of nano transactions through numerous mobile and physical points of presence. It allows us to supply vital products and services that support small business growth, create jobs and bridge the digital divide. From cellular starter packs, prepaid airtime, electricity and insurance products to gift vouchers, loyalty and stored-value cards, we ensure that people have easy, reliable access to secure electronic tokens of value. Our operations also extend to distribution of third-party prepaid products and VAS, such as ticketing for buses, games and trains through our ever-expanding footprint of touchpoints.

Blue Label Telecoms thrives because our core values underpin all our decisions and interactions. The main drive for the organisation is to deliver outstanding customer service, and we consistently reach this standard by reinforcing a company culture that keeps the customer front of mind. We proudly recognise achievements and celebrate successes on all levels within the organisation. We believe in collaboration and strive to create the best work environment where enjoyment is a part of the experience. We don’t negotiate when it comes to honesty and integrity – these values form the foundation of the Group.

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