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Altron People Solutions is a leading provider of Digital Business Transformation Solutions, with a wealth of experience and a plethora of offerings to assist and guide organisations on their digital journey.

Founded in 1996, Altron People Solutions has become a trusted advisor for some of the biggest brands in South Africa mainly as a result of a credible track record and our expertise in people and technology. Our solutions are customised, integrated and personal, implemented by open, honest and passionate people and backed by a company with more than 24 years in the field.

The key differentiator is our complementary service offerings which help to cultivate the true potential of your workforce through digital adoption solutions and to drive excellence and efficiencies by delivering innovative and transformative customer and employee experiences.

We strive to provide our clients with peace of mind by handling specialised functions from learning and development solutions, customer experience solutions, managed outsourced solutions or by implementing the enabling technologies to support these solutions.

Our company culture embraces diversity and inclusion – where our people are encouraged and supported to advance their careers within the organisation. We thrive to ensure that people are empowered through technology in a way that enables them to contribute meaningfully to future economic success.

As a company, Altron People Solutions is not solely focused on profit making but having societal impact as well. Hence, we offer innovative products and services that provide solutions to the challenges faced by the countries within which we operate.


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