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Africa Practice is a strategic advisory firm, operating at the nexus of industry and government. We supply insights and advocacy solutions to corporations, investors, governments and foundations in Africa, enabling them to see more clearly, engage with confidence and unlock value to drive sustainable and equitable development. Guided by our vision – an influential and prosperous Africa, inspiring the world – we empower organisations to deploy capital and execute development programmes at scale. Africa Practice solutions are rooted in a deep appreciation of stakeholders and a conviction that sustainable performance depends on building trust, respecting the environment, solving social problems and creating opportunity. Our work today informs investment decisions by many of the continent’s most ambitious and progressive leaders. We have conceptualised a continental water stewardship programme for an FMCG company, raised sovereign debt capital to finance national development plans, developed scenarios to forecast the effects of changes to the political-economy on mineral supply to global markets, secured regulatory approval for new technology standards and launched the continent’s most ambitious entrepreneurship programme. We have executed successful advocacy campaigns resulting in changes to legislation that increase financial inclusion and improve nutrition, and we run the only outsourced UN information system in the world, based in Somalia.

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