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5 Things To Consider When Choosing Podcast Host

Doing your podcast on the proper media host is an essential step in your podcast project. Once choose the format, write down the content, and record your podcast, you need a suitable platform to store and deliver your media file. Podcast hosting is a specialized service that caters to the storage and distribution of your podcasts. 

The features of podcast hosting service are different from website hosting. Podcast hosting platforms have specialized tools that will help you to host, track, and promote your podcasts easily. It also has an analytics and statistics tab that allows the subscribers to increase their audience base and generate revenue. 

The global podcasting market size was valued at USD 9.28 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.5% from 2020 to 2027. Podcasts are becoming a popular digital medium, and you need to choose the right podcast hosting service that can support your present and future needs. You can also find free podcast hosting services online if you have just started producing podcasts. Here are five points that you need to consider to choose the right podcast host.

· Storage Capacity

Podcast hosts are better than website hosts as it has ample storage space to stock up tons of media files. You need to check the storage capabilities of your podcast hosting platform. You should consider the storage capacity in the long term that will allow you to scale up your project. Assess the subscription plans and the associated storage capacity of different podcast hosts. This storage limit is either based on file sizes or total time. If you have recently started producing your podcasts, you need to choose a platform that will make it possible to host your episodes as their frequency increases. It should have an easy user interface that will allow you to manage your attacks on one platform. Choose a podcast host that includes unlimited audio storage space in a subscription plan that fits your budget rightly.

· Website Integrations

A professional podcast website is a crucial part of your brand. Your listeners can learn more about you, your brand, read your show notes and transcripts from your podcast website. You need to create an attractive and functional website to optimize the reach of your podcasts. Your podcast should have the capability to integrate a website to connect all the outputs of all activities and components essential for carrying out the podcast project. 

Suppose your podcast host has a dedicated podcasting WordPress plugin and allows you to manage your show within your WordPress dashboard. In that case, it can reduce the redundancy in the publication of your podcast. If a different service hosts your podcast’s website, you should verify that the podcast host has domain routing capabilities. If you have not created a podcast website yet, check if your podcast host allows you to create a personalized site. Your podcast host should be able to manage your podcast workflow for better efficiency.

· Audience Analytics

The audience analytics feature of the podcast hosting service provides an analysis of listener data that gives you an insight into your audience. The analytics tools help you to understand who is listening to your content and on what platform. Access to the analytics data allows you to identify the domain you need to work to grow your podcast’s engagement. 

A better grasp of your audience base allows hosts to create more engaging content. It also helps them to pitch the right sponsors for advertisements. Audience analytics lays the foundation for big growth decisions. Understanding the analytics and putting the extracted insights to work facilitates you to make better data-backed decisions. Audience Analytics helps you learn about your show and episode’s growth, including your audience’s behavior pattern and demographics.

· Content Repurposing Services

Repurposing content (or “content recycling”) involves reusing all existing content elements to expand its reach. Repurposed content is usually transformed into a new format. Podcast host should provide you with the tools and services to maximize your content’s potential by repurposing it. You should check if your podcast host offers a feature to publish your podcast across every directory. You can also increase the accessibility of your podcast by including a complete transcription of each episode on your website. You should check if your podcast host offers the facility to republish your content from different platforms easily. Improving access to your content and saving publishing time should be your podcast hosting service’s main features.

· Monetization Support

Podcasts can help you to generate revenue in a variety of ways. Select a growth-oriented podcast hosting platform that will help you to monetize your podcasts easily. You need to build brand awareness, strengthen your network, and increase your bottom line to improve your podcast’s reach. Choose a host that can support your marketing operations if you want to grow and scale your podcast project. It should have the right features to help you to monetize their show. You can monetize by selling sponsorships or ads, joining an advertising network, selling repurposed content, or by syndicating your presentation to different channels to make your podcast more accessible to the audience.

To Conclude:

To choose a podcast host, you need to consider the features mentioned above. Your podcast host should have a simple UI that allows you to upload your podcast and publish it quickly. Moreover, the podcast hosting service should allow users to easily host, distribute, track, and monetize their podcast.

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