Shell: Graduate Opportunities in South Africa for Geoscientists
April 18, 2014 Graduate Programme

Location :The Hague (The Netherlands)

Closing Date :  30th June 2014

You will be based in The Hague (The Netherlands) for your first 3 years and then return to South Africa.

As an Exploration Geoscientist you will be working in the department Upstream International Unconventional on the following tasks (amongst others):

  • Developing and maintenance of regional geological models for petroleum systems.
  • Compiling of relevant data, including visits to data rooms, identifying critical information that impact assessments.
  • Evaluating and integration of all relevant data in order to make a technically sound assessment of the prospectivity of basins, plays and prospects using play-based exploration principles.
  • Conducting regional 3D and 2D seismic data interpretations, including well-seismic correlation, depth conversion, visualisation, and data management.
  • Integrating subsurface well data into regional and prospect-specific seismic interpretation, including facies interpretations, geological controls on reservoir distribution, petrophysics etc.
  • Assessing the potential of identified prospects, generating well proposals were justified.
  • Seeking integration of required contributions from specialists together with own expertise.
  • Conducting/directing specialist geological and geochemical studies and integrate potential fields data (gravity, magnetics).
  • Assessing regional and prospect risks and uncertainties.

You should have a Degree in one of the following areas:

  • MSc or PhD in Petroleum Geosciences

Please apply before June 30th and upload your detailed CV, copy of your South African Identity Document as well as your latest Academic Record.

How To Apply

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