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Pitfalls that Companies Looking for Web Development Agency in London Must Avoid

Modern-day website development companies have it easy, right? Modular design enables developers to recycle components and modules while creating web pages. It’s also super-easy to create content blocks and display SEO-optimized content. There are several other similar tricks that modern-day web developers use. So, selecting a web development agency shouldn’t be too much trouble for businesses, right? Wrong! Selecting a highly-competent web development agency is more difficult than ever. Given that the average user takes just 0.05 seconds to pass judgment on a website, the scope of error is minimal. 

Here are some must-have features for websites – 

Businesses should use these four facts to shape their hiring process. These qualities aren’t the only factors that businesses should seek while looking for web development agency in London. Here are some must-avoid pitfalls that many businesses face while hiring web development agencies – 

Too Many Cooks 

If ten separate developers are asked to build a website, businesses get ten different approaches. It doesn’t matter if these developers meet the basic requirements. Maintaining such a website would be impossible.

As odd as it may sound, far too many businesses avoid investing in a standard development process provided by a single development team. After the website is launched, the site maintenance processes are super-complex, time-consuming, and expensive.  

Modern-day web development processes need to have a consistent approach. If businesses hire a single agency, every developer in that agency will work cooperatively and predictably.

Hence, there’s no benefit to not standardizing web development processes. After all, web development strategies are directly linked to a business’s commercial objectives. Using too many cooks to build complex websites will over-complicate the development experience and mess up the business’s commercial standing in the long run. 

Forcing Agencies to Develop Websites in Limited Time 

Unfortunately, delivery speed has become a highly desirable quality for most businesses on the lookout for web development agencies. As a result, the modern-day web developer is under increasing pressure to deliver high-quality solutions in limited periods. It’s nearly impossible not to sacrifice the website’s functionality or security while working in such a hurried manner. 

If website development teams had infinite time, they would manually design every feature requested by their client, testing the website a thousand times. But, time is limited both for developers and businesses. To ensure time hurdles don’t hamper output quality, businesses must – 

Not Focusing on Security

Instances of cyberattacks keep increasing every year. Over 50% of websites are highly vulnerable to these attacks. Why is cybersecurity getting worse every year? One of the reasons is clients not focusing too much on their website’s security features. To avoid this mistake, businesses must – 

Not Picking the Most Talented Developers 

Even though website development is becoming easier, it’s evolving at a super-fast rate. Only the highly-qualified developers can keep changing their skillsets to match the demands of this ever-changing business environment. 

So, businesses must only hire web development experts that can provide features like cybersecurity, responsive design, integration, etc. Some good indications of these qualities are – 

Not Creating Future-Proof Websites 

Lastly, most businesses fail to think long-term while hiring web development agencies. A development agency can only create a truly future-proof website if they can ask such questions – 

To maximize their investments in website development, businesses should look beyond their initial requirements. As long as they can avoid these common pitfalls, they’ll be prepared for the future!  

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