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B-BBEE Empowerment Services

B-BBEE Empowerment Services

B-BBEE Empowerment Services is a trustworthy and client orientated B-BBEE Consultancy Services Company, with an excellent track record to optimize B-BBEE scorecard levels, in a cost-effective manner. We have been in B-BBEE Consultation and Optimization since 2010, and our professional team are qualified experts in the field of B-BBEE, dedicated to design and develop B-BBEE solutions and Strategies for our clients.


B-BBEE Empowerment Services assists your company to achieve compliancy under the Revised B-BBEE Code, as effective from 1 May 2015 onwards.


We also specialize in Training and Development and offer Accredited Learnership Programmes as well as Full Qualifications and Skills Programmes in various disciplines.

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