Grade 12 : Bank Teller Opportunities at FNB
November 10, 2014 All 9 Provinces

If you share our values of being:

  • Helpful
  • Effective
  • Ethical
  • Innovative
  • Accountable

simple goal: to improve the lives of customers through simple, effective solutions that meet their needs, contact us today and join a winning team. All appointments will be made in line with the Bank’s EE Strategy.

Brief Posting Description To provide customers a unique experience by timeous, accurate and efficient processing of their financial transactions through excellent customer service.

Detailed Description

  • NQF 5 level (Matric / Grade12) qualification with relevant financial subjects

Job Requirements

  • Achieve net profit growth for business
  • Manage average Rand value of differences to minimise losses to the business
  • Manage the Service Quality of the Branch through the Branch’s Service Quality Balanced Scorecard.
  • Manage the migration of accounts from transactional to Self Service
  • Compliance with procedures and processes contained in the Golden Rules.
  • Manage the efficiencies for tellers through Number of differences, average number of transactions
  • Manage own development to increase own competencies

Additional Details

  • A relevant NQF 5 level qualification (minimum 120 credits)
  • 1 Years related experience.

How To Apply

Eastern Cape

  1. Teller Location: Port Alfred, EC, South Africa
  2. Teller Location: Port Elizabeth, EC, South Africa
  3. Teller E Location: Libode, EC, South Africa
  4. Teller E Location: Aliwal North, EC, South Africa

North West

  1. Teller Location: Koster, NW, South Africa
  2. Teller Location: Schweizer-Reneke, NW, South Africa
  3. Teller Location: Magaliesburg, NW, South Africa
  4. Teller Location: Orkney, NW, South Africa
  5. Teller Location: Potchefstroom, NW, South Africa


  1. Teller OBR E Location: Kanyamazane, MP, South Africa
  2. Teller Location: Bushbuckridge, MP, South Africa

Northern Cape

  1. Teller Location: Musina, NP, South Africa
  2. Teller Location: Lebowakgomo, NP, South Africa
  3. Teller E Location: Kathu, NC, South Africa
  4. Teller Location: Kakamas, NC, South Africa

Free State

  1. Teller Location: Bloemfontein, FS, South Africa
  2. Teller Location: Sasolburg, FS, South Africa
  3. Teller Location: Bothaville, FS, South Africa
  4. Teller Location: Bloemfontein, FS, South Africa
  5. Teller Location: Sasolburg, FS, South Africa
  6. Teller Location: Ficksburg, FS, South Africa
  7. Teller Location: Virginia, FS, South Africa
  8. Teller Location: Thaba-Nchu, FS, South Africa
  9. Teller Location: Bethlehem, FS, South Africa
  10. Teller Location: Sasolburg, FS, South Africa

Kwazulu Natal

  1. Teller Location: Dalton, KN, South Africa
  2. Teller Location: Utrecht, KN, South Africa
  3. Teller Location: Umhlanga Rocks, KN, South Africa
  4. Teller Location: Tongaat, KN, South Africa
  5. Teller Location: Verulam, KN, South Africa
  6. Teller Location: Overport, KN, South Africa
  7. Teller Location: Dundee, KN, South Africa
  8. Teller Location: Durban, KN, South Africa
  9. Teller Location: Harding, KN, South Africa
  10. Teller Location: Durban, KN, South Africa
  11. Teller Location: Ixopo, KN, South Africa
  12. Teller Location: Polokwane, NP, South Africa
  13. Teller Location: Durban, KN, South Africa
  14. Teller Location: Durban, KN, South Africa
  15. Teller E Location: Umhlanga, KN, South Africa
  16. Teller E Location: Durban, KN, South Africa
  17. Teller E Location: Jozine, KN, South Africa
  18. Teller OBR E Location: Empangeni, KN, South Africa
  19. Teller OBR E Location: Ulundi, KN, South Africa
  20. Teller OBR E Location: Westville, KN, South Africa
  21. Teller OBR E Location: Kwa Dukuza, KN, South Africa

Western Cape

  1. Teller Location: Swellendam, WP, South Africa
  2. Teller Location: Cape Town, WP, South Africa
  3. Teller Location: Cape Town, WP, South Africa
  4. Teller Location: Cape Town, WP, South Africa
  5. Teller Location: Cape Town, WP, South Africa
  6. Teller Location: George, WP, South Africa
  7. Teller Location: Hermanus, WP, South Africa
  8. Teller Location: Wellington, WP, South Africa
  9. Teller Location: Kenilworth, WP, South Africa
  10. Teller Location: Robertson, WP, South Africa
  11. Teller Location: Goodwood, WP, South Africa
  12. Teller Location: Worcester, WP, South Africa
  13. Teller Location: Rondebosch, WP, South Africa
  14. Teller E Location: Cape Town, WP, South Africa
  15. Teller E Location: Cape Town, WP, South Africa
  16. Teller E Location: Heidelberg, WP, South Africa


  1. Teller Location: Roodepoort, GP, South Africa
  2. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  3. Teller Location: Alberton, GP, South Africa
  4. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  5. Teller Location: Roodepoort, GP, South Africa
  6. Teller Location: Krugersdorp, GP, South Africa
  7. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  8. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  9. Teller Location: Soshanguve, GP, South Africa
  10. Teller Location: Lenasia, GP, South Africa
  11. Teller Location: Kempton Park, GP, South Africa
  12. Teller Location: Pretoria, GP, South Africa
  13. Teller Location: Olympus Plaza, GP, South Africa
  14. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  15. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  16. Teller Location: Ga-Rankuwa, GP, South Africa
  17. Teller Location: Roodepoort, GP, South Africa
  18. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  19. Teller Location: Lenasia, GP, South Africa
  20. Teller Location: Brakpan, GP, South Africa
  21. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  22. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  23. Teller Location: Tembisa, GP, South Africa
  24. Teller Location: Pretoria, GP, South Africa
  25. Teller Location: Edenvale, GP, South Africa
  26. Teller Location: Roodepoort, GP, South Africa
  27. Teller Location: Soshanguve, GP, South Africa
  28. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  29. Teller Location: Krugersdorp, GP, South Africa
  30. Teller Location: Vanderbijlpark, GP, South Africa
  31. Teller Location: Wierda Park, GP, South Africa
  32. Teller Location: Wierda Park, GP, South Africa
  33. Teller Location: Boksburg North, GP, South Africa
  34. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  35. Teller Location: Pretoria West, GP, South Africa
  36. Teller Location: Pretoria, GP, South Africa
  37. Teller Location: Pretoria, GP, South Africa
  38. Teller Location: Pretoria, GP, South Africa
  39. Teller Location: Alberton, GP, South Africa
  40. Teller Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  41. Teller Location: Boksburg North, GP, South Africa
  42. Teller Location: Bryanston, GP, South Africa
  43. Teller Location: Halfway House, GP, South Africa
  44. Teller E Location: Pretoria, GP, South Africa
  45. Teller E Location: Morningside, GP, South Africa
  46. Teller E Location: Centurion, GP, South Africa
  47. Teller E Location: Krugersdorp, GP, South Africa
  48. Teller OBR E Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  49. Teller OBR E Location: Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
  50. Teller Location: Benoni, GP, South Africa

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